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With Langenscheidt`s free German-Japanese online dictionary, helpers find the right words at any time and in any place – whether by manual entry in senpere or by index search. Whether at home, in the office or on the go via a smartphone or tablet, just search for the word you want and receive the translation immediately. The Langenscheidt dictionary is therefore ideal for professional users such as translators, interpreters or language professionals, as well as for students, students and beginners. The vocabulary has been compiled and verified by Langenscheidt, and it is absolutely reliable. If you`re not sure how you pronounce a particular word, you can simply read it aloud. Nothing can stop you from learning the language and building your vocabulary. But the Japanese aren`t the only ones who are right to be fans of their own culture – Japanese traditions and modern influences like manga, cosplay or sushi are attracting more and more enthusiasts to Europe. And it doesn`t matter, whether it`s for cultural interest, or to rely on Japanese business contacts or to read a Japanese manga in the original — interest in Japanese as a language is growing everywhere, whose translation is a breeze with Langenscheidt`s German-Japanese dictionary. Japan is undoubtedly on the list of globetrotters. Both linguistically and culturally, there is so much to discover in the fourth largest island state in the world and its 7,000 islands. Japan, for example, is one of the last empires in the world. “” (pronounced: Heisei) is, as Emperor Akihito referred to his reign, or “peace everywhere.” If you record the Japanese landscape in places like Kyoto, you can only agree whole entirely.

Japan is a paradise for nature lovers, mountaineers and hikers. Fuji, a volcano and also the highest mountain in Japan, is particularly popular. For those who return hungry for their mountaineering, the land of the rising sun has at hand the following highlight: its cuisine. Rice, seafood, sushi, vegetables, and The Japanese are famous for their health and longevity thanks to the light and healthy cuisine they enjoy. So there are more than enough reasons to visit Nippon – as japan is called in its native language – or simply to better master the culture of the island state. The real challenge: the language barrier. Although Japanese students learn English as their first foreign language, Japanese are not always advanced enough in foreign languages. This is especially true in rural areas. Those who want to order a bar in English will soon face a number of barriers.

Having a quick and competent translation help at your fingertips is a blessing. An electronic translator like Langenscheidt`s German-Japanese online dictionary is the perfect companion for a trip to Japan. 彼らは天気についておしゃべりした。 They talked about the weather. Speaking of coffee, it is certainly also one of the most important terms in the business world, especially in the land of the rising sun. Japan is one of the world`s largest industrial powers. About 1.5 million people cross Tokyo every day — twice as many people living in cities. These include many international businessmen.