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As part of the agreement, NOAA and Google will collaborate on a number of projects and provide NOAA employees with practical AI training opportunities. NOAA`s AI strategy aims to develop new technologies and approaches to increase efficiency and capabilities through partnerships, training, and AI-related research and development. As part of the three-year agreement from the Other Transaction Authority, NESDIS and Google will pilot specific AI and ML projects to strengthen NOAA`s environmental monitoring, weather forecasting, climate research and technical innovation. NOAA`s Satellite and Information Service (NESDIS) has signed an agreement with Google to examine the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for NOAA`s increased use of satellite and environmental data. Research will initially focus on the development of small AI/ML systems. With the results of these efforts, NOAA and Google Cloudoffsite Link will focus on running prototypes that could eventually be operational throughout their organization. If this succeeds, it will have the potential to be a significant leap in NOAA`s ability to use the enormous amount and diversity of environmental data to improve forecasting, including for extreme weather events like hurricanes and tornadoes.