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Selected applicants must complete a work permit application file before obtaining an employment contract. Once completed, our government relations office will help apply for a work permit. A work permit is required to work at ISG and must be obtained before obtaining an employment contract, start of work and salary. Employment contracts for a (1) school occupation are valid for one (1) school year with 191 (teachers) and 200 working days (counsellors) per year. The initial salaries of teachers are set by invitation based on your training and teaching credentials and a salary plan with an annual increase in increments and the possibility of an annual extension of employment. The service aims to facilitate access to the workforce by allowing people wishing to work to register on the website and by publishing their CVs for direct contracts. Businesses can benefit by retaining job seekers based on their needs. All job seekers during the Hajj season can apply, whether citizens or expatriates residing in the kingdom, provided that the following conditions apply: This Ajeer program offers this service in three main areas: compensation and IsG benefits is proud of the training we offer to our students and the benefits we offer to our valued employees. ISG depends on our local staff for positions at all levels in our region. The salaried employment of women at ISG is subject to conditions and required the authorization of the Ministry of Education of Saudi Arabia and the authorization of the Ministry of Labour of Saudi Arabia in the form of an AJEER certificate (“work permit”). The granting of a temporary work permit during a labour dispute – the status of the case should be “valid” without final judgment. In its current form, the Ajeer system offers three main systems depending on the nature of the services to be provided. There is Ajeer for Business Services, or as “B2B” calls it by the Saudi Ministry of Labour, which allows service providers to legally deploy their employees abroad on customer sites; Ajeer for Dependant Services (ADS), which allows foreign workers to work in the KSA only in the education sector; and the recently introduced Ajeer for Guest Services (AGS), which grants temporary work visas to Yemeni nationals who were illegally in the KSA but have since corrected their situation.

Direct Contracts – Temporary work during the Hajj season required that the settlement be for pilgrims in the country or an establishment authorized by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah for sects. This service allows individuals to obtain a temporary work permit during a conflict. The work permit is issued electronically via the AJEER portal. To obtain a work permit, the worker must have a valid case of labour disputes in one of the following organizations: in authorized economic activities, companies can offer their services or request the services of other companies. Red and yellow nitaqat units cannot benefit as beneficiaries or beneficiaries of services. The creditor must have the authorization of the Ministry of Education to practise as a teacher.