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2. Can we use V2 in agreement and disagreement? What Bianca has just said is an expression that expresses consent and is used when one agrees with a person`s opinion, but is not necessarily sure that you are sure or that you do not like it. Here are other phrases that can be used. Simply put, an agreement is defined as an agreement. Approval also has a broad meaning, depending on the condition you are experiencing. This may include the approval of a parent`s statement, the approval of a mutual agreement, the authorization of cooperation or other conditions. The connotation of the agreement is positive, as both parties or all parties agree with what has been established. What do you mean? Don`t you already understand the use of agreement and disagreements? Don`t forget to learn and give opinions on the subject verb agreement! Agreement agrees in this section of disclosure expressed or expressed not 100%, can be said to accept, but not have full confidence. Here is a sentence of the leniency of the agreement. The expression of agreement is an expression that we use when we are somehow in agreement with others. For example, a friend of friends said use these two objects (Noune) that you can use in everyday conversations. In general, when two or more people discuss something and decide a rule or decision together.

For example, if you are in a classroom learning group, the teacher usually gives you the flexibility to appoint the tutor or chair of each group, so determine who considers himself the guardian or the president to be the right person. In such a process, convergences and differences of opinion also work. Well, what Meka just said was an expression of disapproval. This term is used when you politely tell someone that you have ideas, opinions and suggestions from others. Some other expressions are: Some examples of other contract games that you can use, such as: So, the article on agreement and disagreement and for example. I hope it is useful. Thanks Already understand, isn`t it Squad? It`s not difficult, is it? From now on, try to express something of consent or disapproval in English with your friends at school. If you need more explanations and practical questions to improve your skills, you can use the learning space! There are animated videos and training questions that make #BelajarJadiMudah.

“I agree with you that we should complete this task before 12 .m.” Or if you are in the professional field of work. You enter into a contract with a new client and then propose a cooperation agreement containing points that will be respected by both parties. At that time, there was also a process of agreement and differences of opinion on the cooperation agreement. Your client may accept a cooperation contract and object or give you other options on one or more points. A sentence expressed with strong disagreement means that it categorically rejects and rejects or rejects completely. I wrote in that article that we were discussing it, but we were responding to it in English. Because in Indonesian, they must have a lot of people who understand. In English, these expressions fall into the category of agreement and disagreement and if interpreted in Bahasa, Indonesia means consent and non-voice.