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As you know, this term is a false friend. In legal parlities, this does not mean an assignment, assignment or task (as with the assignment of duties), but something else, as we will see below. A transfer of real estate rights or personal property to another that confers on the recipient – the assignor – the rights that the owner of the building (the assignor) had before the transfer. John was awarded two contracts that were to be completed by Monday. These clauses are generally used to prohibit the transfer of the contract or its rights. For this reason, you can see that the clause is often referred to as non-cession, which we generally translate as a “transfer ban.” You can therefore see that this is a transfer of rights or property, and this transfer is often referred to as “transfer” in the Spanish legal language. The transfer of rights or ownership (“sale of stock options”). The transferred rights or the property (“the aunt transferred these funds to her niece who immediately invested the transfer in investment funds”). The term attribution comes from the attribution of the Latin voice and certainly reached English by the French Assignement. But, as we have just said, in legal language, the term surrender and the verb surrender are generally used to obtain the transfer of a contract with their rights and obligations. At the beginning of this entry, we told you that the term assignment usually appears in the so-called attribution clauses. The concept of assignment is often indicated in the so-called allocation clauses. Neither party may cede or cede rights or obligations arising from this agreement without the prior written consent of the parties.

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