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We really hope that you respect the rights and work of the author. It is better to borrow your physical book from a friend than to illegally receive and read this PDF file from an irresponsible person, as it is classified as a criminal act. This new PDF file is officially sold via Google Books / Google Playstore. If you do not read this PDF file through the Google app, you have read the work illegally. The marriage agreement is a significant history of domestic life. Many of the human pages that exist in real life are presented with a variety of characters, so this story is real. A simple choice of words can make the reader understand well and easily. The river that walks makes this denigration clearly legible. Dig the dag. So if you`re feeling young, read it, and reading, it`s like a roller coaster ride. “I take care of my needs, you take care of your needs. Let`s say we are two strangers who live under the same roof. You can read it first.┬áBian handed the paper to his wife.

Dance records it and reads it. He followed each point until his eyes went out as he explored it. “That`s what it means!” he exclaimed, not accepting. “Did you want to play at our wedding?” Tari watched in disbelief as her husband left. How could she marry such a man? Thank you for the useful information, don`t forget to also visit my official website The next day Aldi Bian accompanied to meet Ami to ask for the existence of Tari, it turns out that Tari is on his way to the religious court. Bian followed the religious court, but they were stuck in traffic. Bian continued his journey with the MRI. In the MRI, Bian prayed, as Tari revealed earlier, at the MRI, he met Tari, who apparently did not know the location of the religious court, Bian tore up his marriage document and answered Zari`s question that he chose Tari and asked Tari to be a real woman without Theatra. Bian nodded.

Dance was about to open her mouth and protest, but she canceled it. Then Tari again sought compensation for Sarah`s arrival. Tari asked Bian to accompany him on the weekend for a walk. Tari invited Bian to cross Jakarta with the MRI. There, Bian recounts the origin of his relationship with Sarah and the link with his mother`s illness. .