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bpha Limited Head Office Bedford Heights Manton Lane Bedford MK41 7BJ Usually has to wait for a trial period of 12 months. It is a kind of secure short-term rental agreement. The 2016 Housing and Planning Act made changes that bpha wanted to accommodate for the benefit of our tenants. Theresa May cleared a considerable hurdle last week when the first draft Brexit withdrawal agreement was finally published. But it is hardly popular and many other obstacles await us, the risk of “no deal” remaining a real prospect. ยท We will act in good faith at all times and act in your best interest and in the best interest of bpha. No, legally we cannot remove your existing rental rights. You still have the same rights as when you took your property. The first justified criticism of the golden approach has been that many housing companies are engaging in things they shouldn`t have been. PMs have become the “go to” organizations for residential neighborhoods to solve all sorts of problems, from the use of services to neighborhood conflicts. Do you have a problem with your neighbor? Your landlord will get away with it. Did your child put a soccer ball through your window? Call the housing company – they will send someone to fix it.

This was partly the fault of the P.-C. It became easier to walk around and solve these things – even though it was clear in the rental agreement that it was the tenant`s responsibility.