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7 7 “We provide network services to approximately 3,000 customers through 12 agreements with 76 suppliers, which provide a total of US$616 million for managed expenditures, on which we achieved $99 million in savings in fiscal year 2015/16.” 40 Award (DA) Award of call agreement with successful Framework Supplier Sending your signed order form to supplier: Accepts supplier service offer Make the contract with supplier Form a legally binding agreement on the date of shipping Your call contract consists of: Form da with customer signature Annexes to the order form DA Direct Award Call Off Terms Your Contract You are a title for public sector organizations, to take important steps towards the default digital agenda. Its main objective is to provide technology services to central governments, local authorities and NHS trusts. 54 Aggregated additional national competition, specifying that their requirement is the scope of RM1045; The aggregate competition requirement meets your requirements. Examine the pipeline for details of upcoming aggregate competitions:; the appeal conditions for the RM1045 models do not require changes beyond the agreed and aggregated competition; and you are able to provide services from any of the suppliers for the specific lot as part of Agreement 54 For more details on the Crown Commercial Services framework, you should refer to the following The Network Services Agreement provides customers with access to telecommunications networks and services, including NSP-compliant services. It offers savings, choices and flexibility for all publicly funded organizations; while ensuring compliance with the government`s broader technology strategy through our ongoing engagement with the Government Digital Service (GDS). The framework is an agreement between several suppliers. Organizations can use the framework for mini-competitions or a direct allocation option for contracts made under the framework. The project to implement the ADDS framework is underway and we estimate that it will be allocated in June 2016. The framework is an agreement between several suppliers.

This agreement offers clients the opportunity to acquire ict goods and services tailored to the specific needs of a large number of educational institutions. 76 76 Future service requirements for the articulation of your future requirement… Suppliers / Market Requirements – Do not aggregate components unnecessarily: correct product, good supplier, fair price – Consider “agency services” for complex and stratified service requirements – Try to indicate results and non-specific technologies – Follow the directive, such as Cloud First – Digital by Default – Application of Appropriate Security Requirements Network Requirements -Resilience Options -PSN v Private Backbone v Internet Service Levels -May have a significant impact on price – Incentivize the success of providing Exit Service Credits – Service the way you got from this service at the end Agreement 21 21 OrderIng Procedure (2 of 2) Agency The ability to appoint an agent if your requirements contain a basic component of one or more of the ten lots in the agreement (only available on another general competition) as an additional requirement for one or more of the ten without a contract.