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In accordance with the consortium`s schedule, the consortium members have set up a steering committee consisting of one (1) representative hopU, Hillhouse Capital and SMG. Consortium Term Sheet Date 5 July 2017 Parties (1) Hopu Logistics Investment Management Co., Ltd. Each BOCGI and Vanke Real Estate (Hong Kong) have the right to designate and observe a (1) representative to participate in the steering committee. The parties to the consortium`s schedule agree that the steering committee is responsible for all matters relating to the acquisition and completion of the acquisition and is empowered to engage the bidder. The parent company submitted to the company and the special committee an actual and complete copy of: a) to the consortium`s concept sheet, b) to Tiger SPA, (c) to letters of commitment, c) to guarantees, (d) to the contribution and support contract and (e) to the interim investment contract S (all “parent contracts”), including all modifications or modifications of these contracts.