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The Commonwealth`s inability to deal with World Heritage nominations, which have confirmed World Heritage values through official studies set up and paid for by the Commonwealth (such as the Australian Alps and neighbouring regions), is yet another accusation for its poor leadership. At present, it is doing everything in its power to expand eucalyptus forest assessments so that foreign wood chip interests have long-term access to forest resources, regardless of the damage this causes to World Heritage values. [37] 4.72 The Committee also stresses the need to prepare management plans in accordance with AESA Schedule 8 prior to appointment. In any event, such a requirement does not diminish the Commonwealth`s authority to provide temporary protection to potential World Heritage regions at any time prior to their inclusion on the World Heritage List. 1.69 In addition, we found little evidence that Transport Canada has made significant progress towards its commitment to the 2001 Sustainable Development Strategy to verify the effectiveness of the national aerial surveillance program. For example, it did not conduct a formal analysis of the risks or models of marine oil pollution by ships as a step to better understand the magnitude of the problem and assess the effectiveness of the program. The most effective method of enforcement and coordination is a specific central authority at the Commonwealth level. A single centralized authority can avoid dual or inconsistent standards, judicial rivalry and economic competition, which can be a problem with several public authorities. Therefore, strong Commonwealth participation in the implementation and coordination of Australia`s international environmental commitments is essential not only for the implementation of environmental contracts, but also for the most effective mechanism to ensure compliance with contractual obligations.

[7] 4.40 They pointed out that the Blue Mountains territory required special attention, as it was unique in its confrontation of the wilderness (with a list of the cultural heritage of humanity envisaged at the time for the Blue Mountains National Park) and urban development. 4.88 The City of Greater Geelong also found that Point Lillias` decision was contrary to Australia`s international contractual obligations. She argued: 1.105 The agreement. The Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, particularly as a Waterbird Habitat (the Ramsar Convention), was adopted in Ramsar, Iran, in 1971. The agreement entered into force internationally in 1975 and Canada became a contracting party in 1981. The member countries of the Convention have a total of 138 in May 2004 and represent all geographical regions of the world. 1.47 The conduct of the spring. The federal government and the provinces of Ontario and Quebec are jointly responsible for the implementation of the Ozone Schedule. Environment Canada is the first federal department responsible for the rules and controls of emissions prescribed in the Ozone Schedule. The implementation of the schedule requires all three governments to develop or amend several regulations. Currently, 9 of the 12 required federal regulations have been adopted or amended, with the remainder in development.