2013 – Phone Photos

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2013 was a good year. I got to do a lot of traveling both for work and pleasure and had a lot of good times. Looking back at the pictures from my Iphone over the last year I realized that I am a very lucky person. There are a lot of great people in my life and I get to do a lot of awesome things. I have an awesome girlfriend, brother and mom that I spend as much time with. This album features some of my favorite photos over the last year. The photos I have selected probably feel a bit random as a collection but I have tried to caption to give people a little insight to why they are important to me. Some of the moments were funny, some were inspirational, some were just beautiful. Looking back at 2013 has only made me realize that I can’t wait for 2014. Hopefully 2014 brings as many awesome adventures as 2013 did.


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January 1, 2014