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I find the entire crypto currency space to be fascinating. I have been investing in crypto exchange for two and a half years and have made some incredible gains in that time. Some have admittedly been lucky, others have been solid execution and sticking to a plan. It’s fun to look back at sentiment and be critical of yourself so I figured I would ink some of my current feelings on the internet, since there are different crypto coins and markets, and that’s why people ask; Does Solana live up to the hype? and you can find information online for this.

I feel like a correction is around the corner. How much? No idea. Will it drop fully? No. I firmly believe and most people do at this point that this is the ushering in of a new type of currency/technology. A carefully timed entry with money you can afford to lose (no more than 5-10% of your investment capital) could prove to be a wise long term investment, although for this you may need some credit check with a banking system, it’s not that popular as ChexSystems but EWS is another consumer reporting agency you may have to deal with to restore your credit for any investment.

My personal recommendation is that the biggest gains left on the table will be picking the alt coins (alternative coins to Bitcoin), that become mainstream. In my opinion you stand to gain more by diversifying into the alt coins that you do betting simply on Bitcoin. That’s the play that I have in the online trading platform market .

I’ve essentially created an index fund that’s weighted slightly heavier to the alt coins which learn me to many interesting information such as this coinloan review.

Still I do think that everybody needs to learn how to do research on cryptocurrency on their own as it is the only way to get a profit.

Crypto Market Analysis


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December 12, 2017