GoPro Tips and Tricks

Over the last year I have continued to work with GoPro on a number of different projects. The Athlete Tips and Tricks series has been one of the focus’s during that time. Although I didn’t shoot any of these videos I did do all of the editing remotely with password protected revisions. It’s not always easy editing remotely but with some patience it can work pretty well.

EP. 11 Michael Cobra

EP. 12 Grete Eliassen

EP. 13 Monyca Eleogram

EP. 14 Mark Healey

EP. 15 Nate Holland

EP. 16 Dan Brisse

EP. 17 Jamie Sterling

EP. 18 Levi Siver

EP. 19 Mike Montgomery

EP. 20 Sierra Blair-Coyle

EP. 21 Dane Jackson

EP. 22 Going Social

EP. 23 How to Shoot a Course Preview

EP. 24 Fetch

EP. 25 Mark Healey


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April 25, 2015