Swimming New Hampshire

These photos were taken back in the end of July when I visited New Hampshire for just under a week. All photos were taken with a GoPro Hero 3.

This trip was far too short. As I edited these photos it was hard to imagine that we had gotten these shots in a total of about 6 hours. Not only did we get these shots effortlessly but it reminded me exactly how much fun it is to be home. I love home. I will always love New Hampshire. Lake Tahoe is an amazing place and I enjoy living there but there is always a little something special about home.

Hanging out with good friends and getting these shots was an awesome reminder of that fun and I’m excited to have an great visual reminder of that such a wonderful time with such great people.

Thanks to Zac Quinn, Tom Jannuzzi, Bobby Blake, Mom Unit, Cameron Montgomery, Marissa Schoen and Josh Schoen.


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August 31, 2013