XGames with GoPro in France

Happy 30th Birthday! You get to fly to France and be the editor for GoPro at XGames Tignes. YESSSS!!!

Here is a collection of photos from my experience while I was there. All of these photos were taken with my Iphone 5.

My first view of France, well I guess technically we're about a minute in. Bird poo for days on this guys car The vehicale to take us onto the next adventure. Riding lifts our final day of work. Ryan posting up for the photo Ryan enjoying one of the more epic laps of the trip Cort sending it first after our hike Celebrating our mini summit and a successful week of work. Wow. This is the bus that most of the crew took to get to Snow Camp I just loved how our producer "Cort" translated our exit letter to make sure we didn't miss anything. Ryan working the late night shift. Busted. And I'm about to join him Frenching super hard the afternoon of the last day. Baguettes for days! CHEESE! I LOVE CHEESE! Ryan posted up on a warm afternoon toward the end of the week Seb Toots on the second to last jump of the slope course The slope course Beers. We are nearly done. One. More. Day. A cool GoPro light glowing on the hillside from our office view. The one and only Abe Kislevitz! Rugged. Savage. France. Caleb Farro. Legendary dude. The crew looking over the course preview looking very unsure. Our "office" This is the view from just outside the office wall. Sneaking in laps whenever possible. So beautiful Hard to not snap a pic Lots of rope tows around. The office window view. Not bad but also a constant reminder of the pow that I was not shredding. What a beautiful place. I just liked the signage and how foreign but also stylish it was. S N O W ! One of the many GoPro rides around A nice gray bird shred! Pretty self explanatory. But, for those that don't know. This is the half pipe. Welcome! View from our place right at the bottom of the mountain. Cheese and bread and meats. What an awesome dinner. This thing heated up the cheese so it would be melted over your other food. crew! Zak handling the bags Trenton wondering how he is going to get the bags through the doorway


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June 15, 2013