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THE TWO PARTY pays these losses or claims directly with the parties concerned quickly and, in all cases, before the departure date of the complex. The TWO PARTY restores to its original state the space authorized by this, at the expiry or the former provision of the sublease contract. In the event of termination of the sublease contract, THE FIRST PARTY is allowed to reintegrate and take possession of the built premises. The TWO PARTY must in no way impede or hinder the resumption of possession of the FIRST FEST. 4. The deposit paid by THE SECOND PARTY under this Agreement will be refunded after adjustment of an amount, taxes on any invoice and, if applicable, in connection with maintenance/electricity, rupture and damages on the part of SECOND PARTY at the expiry of the sublease contract or according to its previous destination, at the same time as the delivery of empty and peaceful premises by the second party. 37. All disputes relating to this agreement are resolved by mutual agreement if the dispute over arbitration proceedings is conducted and closed only in New Delhi, in accordance with the 1996 Arbitration and Conciliation Act and instead of arbitration. The parties must determine who is responsible for controlling, providing for procurement, repairs and maintenance, insurance and operating overhead. In a shopping centre, anchor tenants cannot pay the same amount of operating costs as a commercial retail unit (CRU). As has already been said in this document, an oral agreement is not worth the paper on which it is written. Therefore, all agreements, agreements or assurances between the parties should be reduced to the letter. In general, the lease says that there are no obligations, insurance or guarantees, explicit or implied, other than the agreements, insurance or guarantees stipulated in the lease.

While we can look at a standard lease here, it is very important to understand that there is no fixed format of the lease; As a result, the two agreements can vary considerably. However, at the expiry of this sublease contract, SECOND PARTY restores the physical possession of the denied premises to their original state, after removing at its own expense all the furniture and mobile devices installed by THE SECOND PARTY, without damaging the denied premises. This article contains sample rental contracts for shopping malls. (7) The initial period of 3 (three) years of this sublease contract from the start date of the lease of the denied premises is the blackout period. Both parties cannot terminate the sublease contract during the prohibition period. This property management and leasing contract will be used for a local shopping centre, which is a centre usually anchored in supermarkets and/or superdrogenes. The agreement names the centre`s management company and outlines the manager`s responsibilities. 33. If, during the duration of the sublease contract, FIRST PARTY sells and/or cedes its rental rights in the premises refused in whole or in part to a person or to more than one person or to more than one person during the duration of the sublease contract during the duration of the sublease contract, the SECOND PARTY provides in this case that the second FEST obliges that buyer or the FIRST PARTY to ensure that these participants submit