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Account statements sent electronically are subject to the same conditions as those provided on paper, and the filing agreement and returns you have previously received from United remain in effect. The types of accounts in which you can receive your bank statements electronically are checking, savings, money market and loans. By continuing, you agree to the terms of this disclosure and agreement and authorize United Bank to provide your bank statements and any disclosures that we will send you electronically with your extracts. Disclosure of the authorization to receive returns electronically. You can revoke your consent to obtain electronic statements and continue to receive paper copies by changing your account statement method. You can change your account statement method for your accounts at any time via the customer service tab in our online banking system; However, the change must be made at least 10 days before your return date to ensure that you receive a printed instruction for the current billing cycle. Otherwise, you may only receive a paper instruction in the next instruction cycle. Your consent to the receipt of the electronic provision of bank statements and right/option for the paper delivery of these statements. You agree to receive your bank statements, which we normally provide in writing, which you can keep electronically. To provide you with e-mail explanations, you will provide us with an email address that will be used to send you all electronic release notifications. You will notify us immediately if your email address changes. You can change your email address at any time via the Customer Service tab in our online banking system. You will receive an email notification if you have a new electronic statement for display in our online banking system and you understand that it is your responsibility to post, print and/or register your bank statements for future references.

Access system. Access to this service may not be disputed due to scheduled maintenance, unforeseen maintenance or system failure. In addition, environmental and physical events occur, which can lead to the unavailability of the system. United Bank will do everything in its power to ensure optimal availability of this system; However, we are not responsible for the system`s downtime or any damage that may result from the system`s downtime. United Bank disclaims any responsibility for the inappropriate use of this system. We are not responsible for any damage that may result from the use of this service or the data transmitted to your PC. We reserve the right to deny you the ability to access this service without notice, restrict access or deny you access. In addition to your return, you can also electronically receive all documents that would be included in the paper return, including disclosures and promotional materials.

In our choice, we can provide you with this electronic material by publishing a message and providing you with the information contained in our online banking system or by sending the information to an email address that you have provided to us. . Request a written copy of account statements received electronically. You can request a copy of an account statement or any other information you received electronically as part of this agreement by informing us. All requirements must include the applicable account number or numbers and certain periods during which the account is requested; refers to the current pricing plan, which relates to fees associated with it.