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In general, I have found that when you discuss issues during a retro, teams are often open to changing their behavior without even having to write it down in the agreement. To turn groups of employees into large teams, a powerful first step is to enter into a social contract, an explicit agreement that defines the basic rules of team behavior. A contract may cover areas such as member cooperation. B decision-making, communication, information exchange and mutual support. Social contracts clearly describe the standards on how members interact with each other. Next, we look in detail at the team agreement protocols that are particularly important for remote teams. The second challenge is that there are important times of the day when a small number of team members will work without access to important stakeholders, often with product owners and scrum master within their own team. This creates the possibility that they will be stuck in their work. A recommendation is to consider whether the team can adjust its working time to increase overlapping times and opportunities for cooperation. These work schedules could be postponed on a regular basis to ensure that no place experiences a difficult work-life balance over a long period of time. Like most remote work factors, time zone management depends on how each company (or department or team inside) opts for the range of time zone differences and the trade-offs they want to make. Once the team adopts the agreed behavior, items that can be considered public knowledge at any given time can be removed from the work agreement during the retro period, so that they never contain more than four to five points.

It should be a memory of bad habits, which the team is struggling to give up, rather than a collection of retro minutes. Teamwork is common in most organizations, but too often team members feel separated and do not put their full potential on the table. The establishment of a social security contract is a key to change. We are not in the same context as in 2017. An easy remote team agreement is valuable for a scrum team or team in this area. We can rethink the rules and recognize new charges and loads. For children at home, a little flexibility might help with work schedules. Even the recognition of the existence of the new stress may suffice. Once we were all done, we took the opportunity to talk about each sticky team note.

And the things we agreed on were placed in a Google Doc. At first, I remember it was a relatively painless process. There have not really been any major disagreements about anything for which we have just established the ground rules. What are the expected reaction times? And how are we going to give each other feedback? And what tools would we communicate with? So just a set of fundamental rules.