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Your lawyer can give you all the answers to this and more by feeling safe from a major purchase. Cost savings are important and easy to achieve if you have the experience and knowledge. That is why, in our field, clients do not see the intervention of a lawyer as another cost. In fact, the instruction of a lawyer becomes an investment itself that can represent significant savings with each purchase. Feeling safe and your risks reduced and protected is one of the best ways to make an investment. Investments are never 100% safe, but we want to help our customers by reducing the chances of a failure or a bad purchase. Unfortunately, it often happens that many new owners come to us after the purchase to get advice because he or she discovers serious problems with the boat that were not disclosed before the purchase. In fact, a lawyer has no interest in pushing you to buy. We do not insert fees only if the transaction is made. This is a very important difference between a broker and a lawyer. We are not saying that the exclusive interest of a broker is to sell you a boat and receive its costs, because we only work with the most experienced and serious brokers, whose goal is to make their customers happy. A first abrupt advice on how to buy a yacht at best, can also be a very smart thing.

Do you know what the difference is when you make an offer as an individual or through a holding company? What may seem like insignificant overshights can cause you to spend a very high amount of taxes if you are not careful from the start. Of course, there is no way to avoid relevant taxes, but why do you risk having to pay fines and potentially penalties for false information? It is absolutely necessary that you know in advance what consequences it will have before making a decision about your purchase. Before you buy a boat, your questions will be: Do I buy the right boat? Do I buy at the right price? Do I have to pay taxes? How many will there be? Are there hidden risks? How can I protect myself if I need some upgrade or repair work? Do I have to cancel the flag, if so, when? What flag should I use? These are, of course, just a few questions that you may need answers to. We had a lot of customers who ended up thanking us for several reasons.